Instructions for Cheato Fortnite

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How to use Cheato Fortnite cheat.
I am assuming you have common sense and know how to use Google.
If you are going to ask me a stupid question, I will simply sit back and laugh at you.

Update: Video released.

  1. Check Fortnite cheat status:
  2. If it's working and undetected, purchase Cheato Fortnite + Spoofer bundle:
  3. If you have not got any download or key, check your junk and spam folders in your email (for PayPal, your PayPal email), for an email named Order Completed.
  4. In that email, the important things you need are:
    1. The Order ID near the top of the email, in a format "XXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX-XXXXXX". You will provide me this ID when I require it to be able to help you, as it allows me to check your order and identify you as a customer.​
    2. The Delivery Note, this contains the download links to Cheato Spoofer and Cheato Fortnite, plus a happy note saying thanks for purchasing.​
    3. The Feedback Link, you will use this to leave feedback on our Sellix store once you have been using our product for a while to say how great it is, or what we need to improve on.​
    4. The Product Issued, this is your license key. It works in both Cheato Spoofer and Cheato Fortnite loaders.​
  5. Once you have understood those items, you may download the spoofer and cheat loader. If they show up as a virus, ignore it and allow them to be downloaded. Also allow them in your antivirus/Windows Defender as well.
  6. Use our HWID spoofer: Even if you have never cheated before or have never been banned before, I still 100% suggest you use the spoofer as it will save you in the future. Do not make the mistake of forgetting to spoof.
  7. Make a NEW Epic Games account. On the PC you are using, NEVER log in to any valuable Epic Games account again. Even if you think you have perfectly spoofed, you never know and you could have wasted your valuable OG account by banning it after logging into it after cheating.
  8. Press Get on Fortnite, purchase it (it's free but makes you go through that process).
  9. Once Fortnite says Launch in Library, open up the Cheato Fortnite loader, activate it and load for Fortnite. You may follow this video guide on how to inject:
  10. Make sure Discord is installed, with Discord overlay turned on and for Fortnite:
  11. Once the loader says Waiting for Fortnite, open up Fortnite (it does not matter whether BattlEye or EasyAntiCheat are running, it is undetected on both).
  12. Once you are in the lobby (where you can see your character), press inject on the loader.
  13. If Fortnite crashes, it is most likely the Discord overlay not working. Use Revo Uninstaller Portable: to uninstall Discord. Make sure to delete all leftover traces for Discord. Reinstall Discord, enable overlay and for Fortnite then repeat steps 9 to 12.
  14. Now I'm assuming you have the cheat injected, as ESP is drawing and there is a menu. Enjoy! The INSERT key on your keyboard toggles the menu.
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