Development Log 03 April 2021

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First of all, I would personally like to thank my customers for staying by our side in the nearly 6 months we've been around selling our products.


This would have never been possible without the support of:
  • My go-to developer, EarPlugs (also known by the aliases of Pointer0xD, homeless1337, Cube, Trump). He has been by my side for over a year and deserves his pay for the work he's put into creating and testing our cheats (not just Fortnite, we will have more lined up soon) and other things. I need to remind myself to pay him the rest of what I currently owe him.
  • My customers, each and every one of you, especially for being so patient when we have had countless issues and have dealt with things behind the scenes. I'm not sure of any other proper provider that lets their customers talk directly to their developers 24/7, normally you have to go through a ticket system and deal with support staff, then that gets forwarded on to the developers/owners who probably couldn't give a shit.
  • for being a quite decent ecommerce platform, never had too many issues with them, any real issues had been resolved but that affected every other Sellix seller especially on the Pro/Business plans, and I will probably continue to use them indefinitely due to the features and support they have.
  • BlueAngelHost for being a great host and having to do a couple of things for me when I had to move hosting plans, they've never let me down.
  • Cloudflare for their CDN and DDOS protection.
  • Social media sites, mainly YouTube for having our content uploaded there. Also the SMM panel I use to boost my videos (I've had years of experience with social media boosting).
  • Hugzho/MakFN from KeyAuth and Restorecord, yes not everyone likes him in this community, but he has done quite a bit of work implementing my suggestions into his auth service and also currently being the go-to auth service (I've had over 600 customers, I have not had my spoofer auth bypassed once, yes I have had a couple of people grab a few assets which I had to work on, but for an actual crack, it hasn't been achieved yet for my spoofer. For our FN cheat we had a test loader cracked and dumped which was leaked to a few people somehow, EarPlugs and I have been focusing on protecting that).
  • The companies of the obfuscator(s) we use for quite adequately protecting our software.
  • Eternal/ZeraX/furiosdestruct/Storx/his countless other aliases, for the countless chats had between us and also EarPlugs. Yes ZeraX and I have had quite a bit of issues stemming back from when we joined the community, yes his dox was with my doing (and to be honest I do still think he deserved it especially for his previous antics of malware, just like when hugzho got doxxed I don't hate either at all but tbh I think they asked for it), but as I'm aware he's quite matured now. Yes he's had issues with hugzho and still is having issues, I'm not doing anything between them just sitting back and seeing what happens as long as the Cheato brand is not involved in their issues.
  • Charlootus for having my back since day 1, yes he owns spoofer which I am aware is also a great spoofer but not sure it's had many updates lately.
  • Stripe; PayPal; Lex Holdings Group; Sellix themselves especially with crypto payments, for processing payments.
  • Blopin/Outcalled for being our support staff member on the Discord server, yes him and I have arguments a lot but they always get sorted out.
Anyone else I forgot I apologise, might add you to the list.

Our future plans (immediate, short and long-term):
  • Possible revamp of the store, probably still using Sellix to process purchases.
  • Along with the store we might add a credits system where customers can add balance, then they can use that to purchase products. This also means if we have any major issues, we can refund to balance not having to throw away money in fees and stuff trying to refund PayPal, Stripe or crypto. It would also allow us to accept more payment methods and also fully integrate it with forum and auth. With this system, we would probably add our own fraud meter especially with PayPal to minimise fraud such as chargebacks/disputes by only allowing people to deposit in increments ie. max $10 PP, wait two weeks then max deposit $50 PP, wait another two weeks. With a balance system, we could add a drop down menu to see what payment sites were used to add balance (e.g. $50 total balance, shows $20 deposited via PayPal and $30 via cryptocurrency), this would allow us to limit product purchasing by what payment site was used to add balance (e.g. with before $50 balance with $20 being deposited via PayPal and we had a $35 product that didn't allow PayPal, it would say you need $5 non-PP as can't use the $20 deposited via PayPal).
  • If our store is revamped, we could add a product where customers can pay a few or several grand (probably crypto only)
  • Possible moving auth away from KeyAuth. No hate to hugzho but for Cheato to stay reliable we would most likely have to self-host a lot of things including our own auth which would be kept private (as our encryption and other security parts in source codes would be kept away from onlookers, aka not on GitHub).
  • Updating of Cheato Spoofer and automatically issuing new keys to every customer via Sellix due to a lot of the problems we've had. I plan to also include support for Valorant (Vanguard AC), Faceit AC, GamersClub AC and fix detections with Rust's EAC, and fix Apex Legends still banning a lot of people for the use of our spoofer.
  • Possible creation of a loader system where customers could go through the site logged into their account, go to the loader page where it would check for active licenses, then click download loader, wait for progress bar to finish (build unique DLLs, drivers, loader for customer, obfuscate all via a build server etc), then send to customer. The loader would be automatically associated with the customer's account and also HWID locked.
  • Keeping our Fortnite cheat updated and undetected.
  • Releasing new cheats for games like Rust, EFT, CODs, etc.
  • With our constant growth we might be hiring staff, including content creators and advertisers. With a new all-in-one system we could automatically pay staff for reaching quotas or something.
  • Referral/affiliate system, where you can refer people and earn onsite balance or even crypto or something.
  • White-label rebranding/reselling system, also relabelling, this means people could pay us a set amount a month plus extra for access to different/more products and keys. Probably payments for this via crypto only.
  • Giveaways, potentially even physical items like keyboards or mice (the peripheral not the animal lmao).
  • Adding more products like more accounts or serials/keys from other places too to expand profits.
Anything I forgot I'll probably add.
Thanks for the read <3

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